3 armed men attack police with a knife. Regret it immediately when hero shows up behind his back

There’s a good reason why dogs have been used to guard and protect us since we’ve lived in societies.

Our four-legged friends are loyal, brave and powerful protectors. And these attributes are all something that police officer Todd Fraizer from the Long Beach Missisippi Police Station recently discovered for himself first-hand.

His dog’s loyalty was put to the test when he was confronted with armed men who had plans to cause real damage.

Todd experienced a nightmare after looking out for what he thought was a man in trouble in his car at a deserted rest area. Soon, he would fall prey to a group of three men with the intent to kill. But Todd had a secret weapon the men were unaware of — a weapon that would prove to save his life, reports CNN.

On patrol one day, Todd approached a car that seemed to have an unconscious man at the wheel. The man appeared in need of help, so Todd hurried towards his vehicle.

Lucas polishund

That’s when he was attacked by two men who were hiding in the woods behind the parked car. The three attackers managed to drag the officer into the forest, where a fight ensued and Todd was cut on his forehead with a sharp object.

“The deputy tripped and fell to the ground as he was backing away from the vehicle,” Glenn Grannan, chief investigator with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office said. “That’s when all three male subjects, including the driver, ambushed him, cut him on the forehead with a sharp object and dragged him into the woods.”

Fortunately, Todd had an ace in his pocket that the attackers were unaware of. Todd managed to hit a remote control device around his neck which allowed his patrol car’s doors to automatically open. And that’s when K-9 Officer Lucas sprang to the rescue.

The back Belgian Malinois ran towards the forest, clearly aware of the help his partner needed.

Todd immediately knew Lucas understood that he was in danger.

“I could not see anything because of the blood in my eyes, but I could hear Lucas, he sounded like a wolf. Then I thought, ‘Now he will come and take care of you.'”


Didn’t hesitate a second

Lucas sprang to the rescue, not hesitating for a second before leaping at the three men.

The perpetrators quickly fled from the crime, with at least one of them suffering injuries from Lucas’ powerful attack.

“We do not know how many of them he managed to bite, but he had blood everywhere,” officer Ricky Adam said about the heroic dog.

And Todd just knows how lucky he was to have Lucas by his side.

“I had three men on me and I’m not a big man, they struck me hard. Luckily, thankfully, I had Lucas there. That’s why he’s my hero.”

Lucas was still hanging onto the leg of one of the assailants as he tried to escape, chipping a few teeth and bruising his shoulder, but he is expected to fully recover.

The brave dog has now received an award, “Hero of the Year” for his courage.

Todd och Lucas

What a great reminder of how brave and important dogs can be to us!

How fortunate that Todd had Lucas with him that day — I don’t even want to imagine how badly things might have gone otherwise. 

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