40 dogs are adopted in one day thanks to this young animal hero

When an 11-year-old girl was asked what she wanted for Christmas her parents were surprised by her response.

Emmy told her parents she wanted to create a charity to help homeless animals.

You would be forgiven for thinking that her parents probably asked her to wait until she was older but no they decided to help and support her.

Emmy’s tireless work to help animals find forever homes led her to get the surprise of her life.

Emmy thought she had just found one dog a home, but instead she was greeted by a crowd of people with some amazing news.




Emmy’s Hope is a charity that helps rescued dogs find forever homes so they don’t have to be put down.

For years now Emmy and her family have been visiting local animal shelters and providing them with their wish list of supplies to help the needy animals.

Emmy’s Hope

“The goal is not to rescue dogs but save their lives. My hope is that kids just like me will find the importance of rescuing and adopting,” said Emmy.

“I know I can’t help them all but for the ones I do help and save, it matters.”

Emmy hand delivers the supplies and often stays for hours to give the dogs as much love as possible.

One day she fell in love with a dog who she didn’t want to leave at the shelter.

Fox is a senior dog who didn’t have much time left at the shelter. Emmy fell in love with him and made it her mission to find him a forever home.

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When Emmy is told the news that Fox is being adopted, she cannot hold back the tears. But, that’s not the only good news she got that day.

As she stepped out of the shelter she was greeted by a crowd of people and told by rescue staff: “Fox isn’t the only dog that’s being adopted today. We’re hoping to adopt all the dogs here in your honor.”

See Emmy’s reaction when she finds out the good news in the clip below. And make sure you have your Kleenex at the ready!

Emmy is a true animal hero and an inspiration to others. Please share this story to pay tribute to her tireless efforts to help needy dogs.