90-year-old woman with dementia goes missing in severe weather – then found by hero hound in dangerous situation

Police officers do a very good job themselves in finding missing people but nothing can replace that super power sense that a dog has for smells.

Proportionally speaking dogs have 40 times the smelling power that we humans do.

Most officers rely on dogs to help detect drugs and help find missing people, without which so much would go undetected because as humans we just don’t have that extra strength to analyze the smells like they do.

By training them specifically for this purpose they become an invaluable asset.

This invaluable asset was put to work when a 90-year-old woman went missing and it became a life or death situation.

Proud of our k9 partners and team!! Saby located a nice amount of Herion today!! Great job!!

Gepostet von Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit am Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2018

Saby is a K-9 officer with the Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit. He has worked alongside Officer Dustin Brock for around two years.

When 90-year-old Loudell Hubbard, a dementia sufferer, was reported missing officers knew they had to find her quickly.

Officers suspected she had wandered into the cold and wet woods behind her home in Birmingham, Alabama.

As well as a team of officers and trained sniffer dogs on her trail, an appeal was put out on social media describing Mrs Hubbard and when she was last seen.

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Officer Brock took his trusted four-legged friend Saby with him to help find the woman and it wasn’t long before the hero hound had located her.

It turned out the 90-year-old woman had fallen into a creek and couldn’t get out again, so she put her purse down like a pillow in the water, and stayed there overnight.

‘Impossible for us to duplicate’

It was a miracle that she only had bruises after her ordeal.

“It’s impossible for us to duplicate what he does and do his job as fast as he does,” Officer Brock told WSET-TV, referring to his trusted canine companion.

This is K9 Officer Brock and his new partner Saby!

Gepostet von Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit am Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

“I yelled ‘Ma’am can you hear me?’ She raised her head up and then we just went to her,” Officer Richard Wright added.

“When we got the call I was thinking if it was my grandmother I would hope someone would use all resources to go find her.”

GOOD NEWS: Dog saves 90yr old woman who was missing for more than 12 hours in cold, wet elements. ???Loudell Hubbard,…

Gepostet von Missing Persons Cases Network am Donnerstag, 14. März 2019

It’s amazing that this woman survived and it’s thanks to the incredible abilities of dogs that she was found so quickly.

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