A 13-year-old dog is just days away from death until a 93-year-old war veteran steps in

When the owner of 13-year-old dog Sam was deployed in the Navy he had nobody to look after his dog.

Sweet Sam from Arizona had to be taken to a shelter but his chances of being adopted at such an old age was pretty slim.

He was put on the list to be euthanized and was just days away from death when a miracle occurred that has warmed the hearts of thousands of animal lovers.


Adopted dog with Veteran
petcofoundation / youtube

George Johnson, a 93-year-old Navy veteran from California, had owned dogs before and was particularly fond of German Shepherd dogs. He was looking for a senior dog he could grow old with.

He contacted a local rescue center and told them he was looking for an older German Shepherd dog.

Look out for a senior dog


He contacted the German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and asked if they had an older white German Shepherd as it had been a while since his last one passed and he was lonely.

“I talked with their director, Maria Dales, and she told me they didn’t, but she’d watch out for one,” George said, according to Petco Foundation.

Adopted dog and Veteran
petcofoundation / youtube

Then George got the call he had been waiting for: Maria had found an older German Shepherd dog called Sam in Arizona.

His owner had been deployed in the Navy and was just days away from being put down as he was an older dog, they thought nobody wanted. And George was about to become a hero yet again.

‘Fills my heart’

It was love at first sight for these two and they have become inseparable, working together in the yard and going on rides together.

“I’ve received a few medals, ribbons, and commendations during my Naval career, but this dog fills my heart more than all of them put together,” said George.

Find out more about George and Sam’s sweet story in the clip below.

No healthy dog should find themselves on death row because nobody wants them. This story gives me so much hope.

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