Abandoned black and white cat is rescued: Turns into beautiful sight due to rare condition

When Elli the cat was discovered at a local farm, she was only four months old and in bad condition.

She was covered in mites, had ear infections and was in desperate need of medical attention.

Nicole, from Germany, rescued the cats and got them the love and attention they needed.

Nicole then took Elli home. Her new pet had unusual black and white markings on her that resembled a Tuxedo.

Little did she know how those markings would change and the beautiful sight she would turn into.

Nicole @elli.vitiligo

“She was very playful and sometimes acted more like a dog than a cat,” Nicole told Love Meow.

Nine months after she got Elli, Nicole noticed a small white patch on Elli’s black coat.

Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Nicole thought nothing of it but then one patch turned to several and after a couple of months there were white patches all over her coat.

Nicole took her to the vet, hoping it was nothing serious, and was told Elli had a rare condition called Vitilgo.

Vitilgo is a condition that can affect humans as well as dogs and cats.

In animals it causes patches of fur to lose its pigment. There is no treatment for the condition but it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your pet.

Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Ellie wasn’t bothered by her color change and still remained as adorable as ever.

But as her coat changed, the patches started to resemble snowflakes and she made the most remarkable transformation.

Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Ellie is about to turn three and her adoring owner described her as looking like a “snow owl.”

“She is so cute and her fur continues to change every day,” Nicole told Love Meow.

Nicole @elli.vitiligo

Watch this beautiful feline transform before your eyes in the video below

I’ve never seen this in a cat before, it’s so remarkable and I’m glad this condition doesn’t hurt them in any way.

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