Adorable “secret admirer” keeps leaving flower petals on woman’s porch

Animals never fail to surprise us. Whether through random acts of affection or silly acts of fun, they sure know how to keep us entertained.

Here’s one cat that I wouldn’t mind having around me, anytime.

When Rosie moved to her new home, she quickly discovered something rather strange. She would periodically discover flower petals by her back patio door.

It was quite the romantic scene, and at first she thought wind was blowing the petals to that particular area.

But, she soon discovered that, alas! She had a secret admirer.

Neighborhood cat Willow sure has a penchant for romance. Friendly and cuddly as can be, she knew how to welcome Rosie to her new neighborhood in the most splendid way.

She belongs to a neighbor and is known to make the rounds around all the houses close by, leaving her iconic ‘gift’ for all her human friends: flower petals, of course.

She also proved he doesn’t take no for an answer, boldly welcoming herself into her home for time to time.

She even found his favorite spot on Rosie’s couch. Naturally, Rosie could only oblige.

And who could blame her? What a wonderful cat Willow is! Watch her in action in the short clip below:

This really made me smile ear to ear. I sure would never mind having Willow around! Please share this lovely story if you would too!