Animal lovers save dying dog from monster – and make an incredibly beautiful decision

My eyes were filled with tears when I read this. Neglecting an animal is the worst thing a person can do!

The dog Miss Willie was tied up for 12 years before she was rescued. The following days would prove to be the best days of her life.

More than 10 years ago, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) saw a poor dog tied up in North Carolina. Even though they asked the owner to give them the dog so they could find her a new home, he refused.

A field team from PETA then decided to take care of Miss Willie the best way they could, by visiting her as often as they could. They gave her food, toys and the affection the dog so clearly needed.

Then about a month ago, Jes, one of people who used to visit Miss Willie, noticed that she was in worse condition than usual. She was coughing and had difficulty standing upright. Eventually, her owner appeared and let PETA take Miss Willie to the vet.

There, the vet delivered some tragic news. Miss Willie didn’t have long to live. That’s when Jes decided to make Miss Willie’s last days the best a dog can have.

Miss Willie celebrated her birthday with cake, music and balloons.

Miss Willie also got to go on the canoe and visit a spa, where she enjoyed a wonderful massage.

And perhaps best of all, she got to spend her last nights in a warm, comfortable bed.

Now Miss Willie has passed away, and despite the fact that most of her life was tragic, she still got to end her life with dignity.

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