Baby moose approaches soldier in woods, then he realizes it’s trying to tell him something

Prikko Erich Jyri is a soldier in the Estonian Defence Forces. Recently, his unit was stationed at Lake Võrtsjärv, Estonia’s largest lake.

Last week, while he was there, Prikko decided to venture into the woods in search of what he called an “alternative bathroom.”

But he would soon find some unexpected company.

Facebook / Prikko Erich Jyri

Suddenly, Prikko heard a noise in the distance. His first thought was that it was a dog running toward him. But it soon became apparent that the awkward creature approaching him was a baby moose.

The small creature was alone and went straight up to Prikko.

The soldier didn’t want to scare it and assumed its mother was in the vicinity, so he sat still.

But the baby moose seemed quite curious about Prikko and went right up to him.

Prikko Erich Jyri
Facebook / Prikko Erich Jyri

The small animal was a little cautious at first, but soon started sniffing his new friend.

Eventually, it got even closer to Prikko and licked him and went looking for something in his armpits.

Prikko figures the baby moose was looking for breast milk and was hungry.

Prikko Erich Jyri
Facebook / Prikko Erich Jyri

Prikko, an animal lover, felt responsible for helping the moose, but he couldn’t feed it himself.

He called the military’s veterinary office and asked what to do.

The vet replied that he should just sit still and monitor the situation.

Prikko Erich Jyri
Facebook / Prikko Erich Jyri

The office also sent over an expert, who brought a bottle of milk.

After feeding the moose, Prikko left knowing that he gave the baby moose the strength and energy it needed to find its mother.

He hoped everything would go well.

Prikko Erich Jyri
Facebook / Prikko Erich Jyri

The next morning, Prikko returned to the same place and saw the baby moose had gone.

But nearby, he noticed some large moose tracks — and some little ones — a sign that made Prikko feel both relieved and happy. It was proof that the baby moose had found its mother!

Älg och kalv
Generic image / Wikimedia

As a soldier, Prikko believes that it’s his duty to protect animals, too — and he fulfilled this mission perfectly.

“I wanted the calf’s mother to find him and I was very satisfied when we found out that they really found each other,” Prikko tells The Dodo.

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