Baby stoats sneaks onto family’s trampoline – moments later, i can’t stop laughing

Robert Fuller in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, noticed early on that the family’s trampolines sparked great interest among the local wildlife.

But one day, even the father had to rub his eyes when he saw what dared to venture onto the children’s jungle gym….

“I first noticed a stoat on the trampoline around 2015,” Fuller told The Dodo. “It had been snowing and I followed the stoat’s pawprints all the way up to the trampoline and all over it, too!”

When Robert Fuller created his a jungle gym featuring a trampoline in his yard, little did he know it would bring delight not only to the children but also to the wildlife inhabiting his surroundings.

Robert shares his property with an array of amazing creatures, including hedgehogs, owls, foxes, badgers, and a family of stoats.

Over time, he installed several cameras in his garden, which have now captured small stoats seizing the opportunity to borrow the trampolines when they think no one is watching.

“The stoat kits seem to meet at the trampoline to play and have fun! They seem to like the texture of the material and use it for particularly bouncy playfights and stretching,” Robert says.

The little animals enjoy themselves on the trampoline, but they also play hide-and-seek and practice some skills they’ll need as adults.

“The whole children’s climbing frame has been great for the kits to practice their hunting skills and even play a stoat version of hide-and-seek,” Fuller said.

And as mentioned, they are far from alone on the mat. Even owls, badgers, and other wild animals have found their way to the garden to give it a try.

And the Fuller family doesn’t mind sharing at all. They’re just happy that the animals have found their way there.

Catch more of the animals’ wacky antics in the garden below:

In the end, it’s the simple joys and unexpected visitors that make life truly delightful.

As these baby stoats bring laughter and wonder to the family’s trampoline, they remind us of the magic that surrounds us every day, if only we take the time to notice.