Black Bears are ‘having a party’ as numbers quadruple in locked down state park

Since humans came to a halt amid the COVID-19 lock down and there are less cars on the road and less factories pumping out dangerous chemicals, Mother Nature seems to be having a party.

Sights that we wouldn’t normally see such as the peaks of the Himalayas which are visible for the first time in three decades; and animals that would normally be hiding from us are coming out to play in droves.

Now park rangers at one of the most famous state parks in the world are reporting black bear numbers are up and more coyotes and bobcats have been spotted.

Since California’s Yosemite National Park closed its doors on March 20 due to the coronavirus pandemic its wildlife is thriving.

Its inhabitants are taking advantage of empty roads and are traveling out in the open when they would normally move through forests to avoid humans.

The population of black bears has also quadrupled, as they have moved back into the open valley area, no longer feeling threatened.

Biologist and ranger Katie, said in a Facebook live stream video that the animals are now having a ‘party’ since humans have been barred from visiting.

“There can be literally walls of cars, stop-and-go traffic or people in the park,” she said.

“So, for the bears, they normally have pick through these little corridors that they have to move through in the valley to get from Point A to Point B. … Now, that there are no people the bears are literally just walking down the road to get to where they need to go, which is kind of cool to see.”

Dane Peterson, who works in Yosemite Village, said: “The bear population has quadrupled,” as per the Daily Mail.

“It’s not like they aren’t usually here, it’s that they usually hang back at the edges, or move in the shadows.”

If anything good can come from these terrible times it’s repairing the damage we have done to our planet.

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