Bobcat rescued from forest fire – watch how the animal thanks his new family

Forest fires are an unfortunate part of our reality and seem to be increasing, leaving countless people without homes and destroying acres and acres of land.

While these are no doubt critical aspects of the disaster a forest fire causes, it is important to remember another serious consequence: the displacement, injuries and fatalities caused to countless animals that use these forests as their home.

When raging forest fires came blazing through the hometown of the Kraus family, both they and their home were fortunate to escape unharmed. Meanwhile, however, local wildlife unfortunately did not fare as well.

One day, father George Kraus encountered two terrified animals: a wildcat and a fawn. Both creatures were desperately trying to survive amid heavy residual smoke.

Boredom Therapy

George didn’t hesitate for a second. Already an avid animal rescuer, he decided to bring both animals home and nurse them back to health.

Boredom Therapy

The Kraus family already had a cat and a dog at home, and the two newcomers amazingly eased their way into the family as if meant to belong. They named the bobcat Benji.


After just a few months, Benji and George’s young son bonded in the most amazing way. The wild cat became more like a gentle feline, regularly cuddling with his owner, playing with house toys and even thoroughly enjoying catnip like any typical domestic cat!

The two were completely inseparable.


Benji was soon released back into the wild where he belongs most.

“He was a wonderful little guy and we miss him so much,” Georges writes below the YouTube clip. “I am so glad that I filmed so much of his life, so I can always go back and watch all of these videos to remind me how wonderful he was.”

It’s important to remember to treat wild animals with full respect and restrain from involving oneself with them unless absolutely necessary, such as when their lives are at stake. Extreme caution must then be used.

Watch the special bond between George’s son and Benji in the breathtaking video below.

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