Bored boxer gets fed up of waiting for owner to return – hatches a hilarious plan

Being left alone in a car can be very dull for any dog, as our canine companions find it hard to be apart from their owners — one must also note that this must under no circumstances be done in hot weather.

One devoted boxer did not like being left in a car while his owner raced into a store for just a few minutes… and decided to show his master exactly how he felt. It’s a hilarious moment of impatience from this four-legged friend. Thank goodness it was recorded for all to witness; it’s so funny.



Boxers are smart dogs and like to be kept busy. According to the boxer breed has a “high need for companionship and exercise.” After watching the clip below it’s obvious that this boxer was clearly trying to tell its owner exactly this!

When this sweet boxer’s dad runs inside to grab something from the store (leaving the windows down and air conditioning on), this dog’s face says it all: he is not impressed.

He at least sits for one minute, but clearly that was too painful and he realizes that he cannot wait a minute longer. That’s when he looks at the car horn and comes up with a crafty plan!


He moves into the driver’s seat and with one paw on the steering wheel and one paw keeping him balanced, he starts honking the horn! People passing are so confused as this human-like hound looks like a grumpy old man sitting there blaring the horn.

See for yourself in the video below. Thankfully he was rescued from boredom pretty quickly by his Dad.

Despite the very loud noise this dog was making, you can’t help but smile; he’s such a loveable pooch. Please share if you agree.