Bull was abused for years: Finally takes bloody revenge

There are those who believe bullfighting is a tradition that needs to be respected, but for me there is no logic or argument for this. These animals are systematically abused strictly for the entertainment of people who have zero respect for them.

Bullfighting is as scary and strange to me as ancient Roman gladiator games, where large crowds gathered to watch two men fight until one of them would dreadfully perish.

It is believed that the Romans first introduced bullfighting on the Iberian peninsula. At that time, it consisted of a man armed with a shield and sword, up against a bull.

A lot has changed since then, but in my view nothing justifies this barbaric practice which continues to be followed.


The bullfighting world was recently shaken by violent images of the famed giant Juan José Padilla in Arévalo, Spain.

The bullfighter is about to tip his banderilla towards the bull for the fifth time that day, when he appears to slip and fall to the ground — at which point the powerful animal takes the chance to defend himself.

The bull’s blow created a 20 centimeter cut in Juan’s head, essentially lifting part of his scalp. According to Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, this was not the first time Juan José Padilla was injured during a bullfight. In 2011, he lost an eye after a bull attacked.

You can see the incident in the video below, though be warned it includes strong images.

This is terrifying for sure and we do hope the bullfighter recovers. At the same time, I can certainly not blame the bull because it was simply trying to defend itself and its life.

Do you think we should respect bullfighting as a tradition or do you think it’s time to leave bulls in peace? You’re welcome to leave your opinion in the comments.