Cat-loving couple go to adopt kitten – return home with 33 lb cat ready to start diet

Meet Mike Wilson and his girlfriend Megan Hanneman; they are huge cat lovers. Not only do they have two cats of their own, they also have a business creating cat furniture for those felines that prefer the great indoors.

A few months ago they decided they wanted to add to their cat brood and with just 45 minutes before they had to be at work they took a trip to their local humane society to see if they could find a kitten.

What they didn’t expect was the instant bond they would make with a three-year-old cat called Bronson. This cute cat weighed in at a staggering 33 lbs. It was love at first site and the couple decided to adopt Bronson and help him shed the extra pounds.

Mike Wilson

The couple were interviewed before they could take Bronson home. Mike said: “She told us that all the Humane Society knew about Bronson’s past was that his last owner passed away. Since he was all the way up to 33 pounds and only three years old, they suspected it was an elderly person who may have been feeding him table scraps or something. We went in to meet him and instantly fell in love. I remember my cheeks hurting from smiling for so long.”

Mike Wilson

After getting him settled and into a healthy eating and exercise routine they started an Instagram account so others can follow his weight-loss journey.

“It’s very important for heavy cats to lose weight slowly, or else they can get Fatty Liver Disease, which can be a fatal illness. We have adjusted Bronson’s diet three times since we got him, but we think that he’s on track to safely lose this weight,” said Mike.

Mike Wilson

Mike adds: “Currently, his exercise routine is made up of moving his food dish around the room to promote walking…His absolute favorite toy is a tomato filled with catnip, which he likes to attack, bite, and kick with his back feet.

Mike Wilson

“There are many great qualities about Bronson that we find incredibly lovable. One of the cutest things is that he almost always sleeps with a pillow. He also isn’t shy about taking up too much bed real estate. We’ve pretty much split the bed into thirds and Megan and I have each taken turns at the end of the bed.

“We noticed that he was a polydactyl cat with extra fingers and had very pronounced thumbs! Even more adorably, his paws oddly resembled our home state of Michigan.

“Our target goal is for Bronson to lose one pound per month and he’s currently down 1.6 pounds, so he’s well on his way to a healthy life. He’s not quite ready to join the other cats in testing the furniture up on the wall, but they know he’ll get there in due time.”

Watch this sweet giant doing his stair exercises in the video below.

We hope that this adorable cat gets down to a normal weight soon. Thank goodness he was adopted by such caring and responsible owners; it was clearly meant to be as it’s obvious Bronson brings this couple so much happiness.

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