These cats are too good at pretending to be human: you’ll cry laughing at these funny felines

Are you a cat person? I definitely prefer cats over dogs as I grew up with cats but I do love all animals and have always been a fan of our furry friends.

Cats are known to be highly intelligent, having almost twice as many neurons as dogs, and are very independent; even though they say cats can’t be trained, I’m convinced that my cat understands what I’m saying. Cats’ strong personalities can often mean they can wrap a family around their little paws.


My family had several cats when I grew up, and each one had its own quirks and character traits that set them apart. As a kids I couldn’t wait to get home from school and play with our family cat.

One cat even had a thing for our toes and would attack them if we were sat down at the dinner table, while another of our cats insisted on sleeping on our bed and wouldn’t take no for an answer, as if it was her bed!

Youtube/Funny Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation 2015

Anyone who has had a cat knows how much sleeping they do. Most of our cats spent the whole day sleeping. But what I always love is the bizarre positions they can get into when they’re relaxing.

In the video below the positions that some of these cats have got into coupled with that unimpressed look cats always seem to have make for very entertaining viewing.

Youtube/Funny Cats Acting Like Humans Compilation 2015

But despite the fact that many cats can seem a little stand offish, they do appreciate a human’s love and the home they can provide for them.

Take a look at the video below to see these cats that seem to think they are human:

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