Woman dumped by ex gets revenge with his puppy: what she does causes the internet to boil with rage

Small children have the ability to behave badly when they don’t get their own way. They often scream, cry, say dumb words yes and sometimes they can even destroy things. But this behavior is confined to our childhood — or so we’d hope.

By the time we reach our more mature years we should have learned that this behavior is not acceptable.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. One woman in South Carolina took the break up with her boyfriend so hard she decided to punish him. The target of her punishment was an innocent dog.

What she did was so cruel that it brought me to tears reading about this poor dog.

When the woman, Elizabeth Lena James, from Laurens County, South Carolina, broke up with her boyfriend she didn’t take the break up so well.

Her ex-boyfriend left his Mastiff mix dog with her so to get back at her boyfriend she decided to punish the dog.

She stopped giving the poor dog food and water, and it did not take long before this sweet hound was just skin and bones.

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Thursday, 16 August 2018

What was even worse was James continued to care for and feed her own dogs while her boyfriend’s dog Champ was starved.

Champ, was found by Animal Control officers in August after a passerby noticed him.

The woman accused of nearly killing Champ with starvation was arrested and Elizabeth James was charged with animal cruelty by Animal Control in Laurens, South Carolina, reports ABC 8 .

“Inhumane treatment of animals will not be tolerated on my watch” Sheriff Don Reynolds, according to a report from the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. “No animal should have to go without food and water”.

When the poor dog, Champ, was rescued, he was barely alive, and he didn’t even weigh half of what he should have weighed. He was weak and covered in maggots, even in his mouth.

Posted by Penny Ross on Saturday, 18 August 2018

The charity organization Rescue Dogs Rock NYC immediately came to Champ’s rescue and set up a fundraiser to pay for the cost of his care. More than 400 people donated almost $11,500 for this sweet dog.

And the animal heroes really did a great job. Week by week you could see what incredible progress Champ was making.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Jacquelyn O’Sullivan, wrote on Facebook: “One week in, he is doing better. He is starting physical therapy and his red blood cells are finally starting to regenerate on their own,” O’Sullivan said, as reported by People .

A dog so many thought should be put down because of his condition. So many of you helped me raise $3,000 for his care…

Posted by Gabe to the Rescue on Friday, 5 October 2018

Slowly but surely, the poor dog Champ returned to health after weeks of torture. When he was strong enough to leave the organization, an adoptive family was ready to give him a loving home.

Facebook post, published on October 12, announced that Champ would finally go to his new home. And he would never have to suffer the same nightmare again.

Doesn’t my head look much better? At my weigh in today at the vet I was 71.9 pounds! This means I have gained 20 pounds in the 3 weeks since I was rescued!!!! ???????♥️

Posted by Justice for Champ on Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Champ’s new family

“Today, the rest of my life starts as I head home with my forever family!” the Facebook post said. “They were very carefully chosen as apparently I’m pretty famous & everyone wants the best for me. I assure you all, I am getting the best!

“They are coming this afternoon, so stay tuned! I can’t wait to see them again.”

Posted by Justice for Champ on Friday, 12 October 2018

What great news that Champ has finally got the family he deserves. How can people be so cruel to punish a dog like that?

I really hope Elizabeth gets the punishment she deserves and never ever goes near a dog again.

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