Chef turns food waste from fancy brunches into meals for stray dogs

Sometimes we are not aware that our actions can make a big difference in the world — for better or for worse.

A good example of this is food waste; we’ve all done it, bought something that we intended to eat and never did, or thrown perfectly good food away because we are going on a long vacation.

It may not seem significant when you consider only yourself but millions of us do this every day. Add this to all the businesses involved in the food industry and you have a staggering amount of food waste.

One chef decided to do something about this, and his idea has caught the attention of media around the world.


Jamal Al Breiki is the brains behind an incredible initiative to help feed stray puppies. Aware of the amount of food that was wasted by luxury hotels in Abu Dabhi, he decided to create a community project.

The chef, who is the owner of food delivery service Chef J Gourmet, ran a trial with a 5-star luxury hotel using their brunch leftovers which was so successful, other top hotels want to join.

Chef Al Breiki received leftover food from the resort and sorted it for animal-safe food before taking it to a local kitchen for mincing.

“I spoke to the food and beverage manager at Faimont Bab Al Bahr about the food that’s wasted after brunch and he was happy to do something about it,” he told What’s on UAE.

“My wife and I regularly volunteer for feeding stations and realised how much money people spend on the pet food, so we thought this would be a great way to solve both problems.”

Working with Animal Action (UAE), the food was taken to animal shelters to feed stray animals that are taken in by Cloud 9 Pet Hotel and Care.

In a Facebook post about the initiative, the chef said, “We want all hotels and restaurants to join our iniative to save food waste so that it can be used to feed instead of thrown away and wasted!”

He consulted a vet to find out what food was animal safe and as a result one third of the food waste was able to be used with 66 pounds of food being consumed by some very happy dogs.

The Doggie Bag Initiative

“We are carefully selecting the ingredients. No cheese, no desserts, no sauces, no spices and minimal amounts of garlic and onions. We are only taking the meat, fish, rice and veg,” he told What’s On.

Other hotels have now agreed to join the The Doggie Bag Initiative UAE with the aim of attracting more hotels, vets and shelters.

What a great initiative which I hope catches on all over the world. He’s such a great example of how small actions can making a big difference.

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