Child suddenly releases her dog: What happens seconds later melts my heart

We’ve heard lots of stories about dogs and their special bond children. A dog is not just man’s best friend – a dog is a member of the family.

This video, which has hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, shows that relationship perfectly.

In the video, we see a small child and a dog on a pleasant autumn walk.

Of course, the parents are only a few yards away to make sure everyone is safe. We see that the child is happily holding the dog’s leash and “walking” his faithful friend.

But … then the adorable pair sees a puddle on the path.

Like most kids, this little one can’t wait to jump in the puddle — and he has to go back and jump a little more!

So, the child carefully puts the dog’s leash on the ground and goes back to the puddle. That’s so cute on its own, but it’s what happens next that really tugs at my heart.

Because, like a perfect best friend, the four-legged protector waits for his little pal — and never moves an inch!

Watch the adorable video below:

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