Children discover dog abandoned in cage – starved for months and just days away from death

It’s shocking to think anybody could abandon their pet, leaving them alone with no way of getting food or water.

Yes so many unworthy animal owners do it. It seems so unnecessary considering the number of rescues and shelters that you could take them to for help.

This happened to Dice the dog. His owners left the apartment they were living in and just abandoned him in a crate with no food or water.

It was a group of kids who alerted police that saved this starving creature. Just one more week in this state and Dice would have died.


Florida police were at a Fort Lauderdale apartment complex when a group of kids alerted them to Dice. The kids thought he’d been along in a cage for about a week but officers knew just by looking at him that it had been longer than that.

“The tenants moved out and left him in the backyard in a crate with no food or water,” said Tracey Godin, cofounder of Feeling Fine Rescue in Loxahatchee, Florida. “He was not fed for months. The last week would have just been the final deterioration.”

The police alerted animal control who took him to a local shelter.

Tracey Godin, who runs the rescue center with her daughter, couldn’t believe the state of this poor creature.

Tracey was so moved by Dice’s condition. “Tears immediately came to my face,” she said.

The next day Tracey rushed Dice to the vet.

Tracey said Dice was so weak he could barely walk.

Skin and bones

“He was 30 pounds, but he should have been 65 pounds. He was dehydrated and anemic,” she said.

“You could see his skull- there was just no muscle mass in his body at all. In my opinion, if he had been in that cage another day, he would not have made it”.

When Dice was healthy enough to leave the vet, he was looked after at the Feeling Fine Rescue, which Tracey and her daughter run from their home.

The non profit animal rescue cares for animals who are the innocent victims of abuse, cruelty, neglect, abandonment and homelessness. 

As soon as he was in the safe hands of Tracey and her daughter, he quickly recovered.

“He was 40 pounds within one week. Two weeks later, he was 50 pounds, and by the weekend he was 65 pounds. Basically everyday you could see a difference in the dog.” Tracey said.

After he was restored to his former glory over the course of eight weeks, he caught the eye of a family wanting to adopt another dog.

New family

“They really fell in love with him,” Tracey said. “They asked if they could do a meet and greet at their property with their two current dogs.”

Just two weeks later Dice was going home with his new family on a foster-to-adopt basis.

The family instantly fell in love with Dice who also bonded with their two small children and decided they wanted to keep Dice forever.

“They called me last night and said ‘We’re more in love with him than the moment we met him, and we would like to never bring him back.’” Tracey said.

“I was crying because this family is absolutely incredible… and I don’t think that Dice could have gone to a better home.”

Today’s model is Dice. He’s now home at Feeling Fine enjoying all the attention and love he’s getting.

Posted by Feeling Fine Canine and Equine Rescue on Monday, 5 November 2018

I’m so glad this sweet and loving dog got a second chance at happiness. No animal deserves to be treated this way.

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