Couple cover a room with toilet paper: Now watch their cat’s reaction when she’s let loose in it

It seems like the media is full of sad stories about animals, stories about those who are abandoned, abused and neglected; it’s all so heartbreaking.

So when I found this video of a couple who love their cat so much they decided to create the ultimate play room for him, I had to share.

Thank goodness the camera was rolling when Pusic the cat was let loose in his new play room.



Pusic the cat was discovered in 2014 living in a box near a young couple’s home in Belarus, Eastern Europe.

The couple immediately fell in love with him and took him in, showering him with love and attention.

Pusic returns the love and affection with lots of licks and even hugs his owners while standing on his hind legs.

The couple shared a video of their adorable moggy holding out his paws to give his owners a hug and it went viral with more than 600,000 people sharing the love.

Passion for toilet paper

Pusic even gets taken outside for a walk. His adoring owners take him out on a leash when the weather is good. They can’t help but spoil this sweet cat.

“We’re constantly making new toys for him and he is always interested in them,” the couple said. “He also has a younger human ‘brother’ who was born in December 2016. They play together and it is a lot of fun for both of them.”

Then the couple decided they wanted to indulge another passion of Pusic’s — toilet paper.


“We found out about Pusiс’s passion for toilet paper when he was little,” his owners told Bored Panda. “He liked playing with it but we didn’t really encourage him as we try to keep our home in order and he already had many toys.”

But they wanted to give their cat a chance to indulge his passion for a day and decided to surprise Pusic with 100  toilet rolls all over their living room.

“Since we have a small child at our home, we had to be fast. We started ‘decorating’ the room while the child was sleeping during the day and managed to get everything done in a couple of hours before he woke up,” the couple explained.

It’s a good job they set up a camera to record his reaction. The cat went crazy! See for yourself in the clip below.

Cats are so much fun! I loved seeing this cat so happy and am thankful for his owners who truly love their pet.

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