Cowboy’s hiding his face from the crowd, until dog approaches and the arena goes crazy

Over the years we’ve been blessed with a lot of amazing animals performing with their human friends.
We’ve seen horses, birds and dog work together with their “moms” and “dads” – showing off their skills with passion, love and precision.
This number, which includes a cowboy owner and his border collie are probably one of my favorites in a long, long time.
No wonder more than 25 million people all over the world has fallen in love with this!

The border collie and its cowboy owner rocked the heelwork to music competition at the  Crufts dog show. They took home best of show prize as well as ended up as winners in agility, obedience and flyball.

Watch the clip and just enjoy the perfect harmony between man and dog!

Isn’t this just amazing? Please pass this on to pay tribute to this talented duo!