Cruel locals ride endangered turtle as it tries to lay its eggs on beach

Shocking video footage has emerged of locals in Indonesia taking a ride on the back of an endangered turtle just after she had laid an egg.

The incident is thought to have happened on a beach in Indonesia where the turtle can be seen trying to get back to the water, but the locals are preventing her.

One local is even seen standing on the fin of the endangered leatherback sea turtle.

The video, released by Newsflare, shows two of the men sitting on the back of the turtle, one with a toddler on his lap, as she struggles to get back to the sea.

According to Lad Bible one of the men throws sand at the turtle and even stands on one of its flippers.

The video below shows one of the men grabbing hold of its flippers and smiling as she desperately tries to make it back to the sea, after laying an egg on the beach.

Local authorities have yet to comment on the incident which is said to have taken place at  Asukweri beach, on July 5.

The video has attracted thousands of angry comments with many people questioning how the men could be so “ignorant and stupid.”

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Another Facebook user wrote: “This makes me sad and sick to my core. How can there be so much ignorance still, when it comes to looking after what precious nature has blessed us with. So saddening ?”

The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all the turtles and there are thought to be only 36,000 nesting females left in the world, according to Conserve Turtles.

The biggest threat to their numbers is marine pollution such as balloons and plastic bags floating in the water, which are mistaken for jellyfish, according to the website.

See the disturbing images of these cruel locals in the clip below, as posted by the Daily Mail.

I don’t understand how anyone could be so cruel. This animal is majestic and deserves all the respect.

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