Dangerous trap nearly makes dog Morgan blind – now owner wants to warn other animal owners!

Lea Jensen was out with her boyfriend Kenneth and their dog Morgan this weekend. It was an ordinary day as they took a walk in the sunshine, when suddenly Morgan howled.

They immediately examined their four-legged friend — and made a grotesque and very unpleasant discovery.

Poor Morgan had a large wound on his face as he bellowed in pain.

As they looked at their dear Morgan, they were obviously horrified. And their horror would only grow as they discovered that a sadistic act lay behind the cruel accident.

Down by a fence lay a small knife with the blade facing up. Someone had attached it to the bottom of the fence, probably with the intent of hurting others. Unfortunately, Morgan was a victim.

“We were lucky if you could say so in such a situation. Had the knife gone deep in his eye, he probably would have lost his sight,” Lea writes in a Facebook post, as reported by BT.

She now wants to warn other animal owners to be cautious when walking their pets.

“We’re issuing this warning because we can’t understand how anyone can do something like this. Nobody puts a knife in this way by accident, and the veterinarian who examined Morgan agrees,” she writes.

The couple has reported the incident to the police, whom have said it would unfortunately be difficult to find the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Morgan is slowly healing, getting better every day following an anesthesia treatment.

Please share Lee and Kenneth’s story to warn other animal owners to pay attention when they are out walking their four-legged friends.