Dog is found alone on street without fur – then some animal heroes arrive and give him a transformation

Seeing animals suffer really makes me angry. They’re defenseless — especially when left alone on the street.

That’s why I was really moved when I heard about Dex’s story.

The homeless pug was found on the streets of Austin, Texas in January and was taken to the Austin Animal Center. Things didn’t look good for the young dog, who was then barely a year old.

He weighed only 10 pounds ( 4 1/2 kg) when he was admitted. The veterinarians believed he was in danger of becoming blind, writes The Dodo.

As time went by and no one came forward to claim Dex, the organization Pug Rescue Austin heard about him.

They had experts examine him and they made a horrible discovery.

Dex was in a significantly worse condition than had previously been thought — his mange and skin infections were so extensive that doctors suspected he had been suffering for half a year. His whole body, except for his tail, lacked fur.

Posted by Sunhapat Chusuwan on Thursday, 10 May 2018

Plus, the little four-legged cutie had dry eye, meaning his tear ducts didn’t produce enough tears to keep his eyes wet. He squinted and closed his eyes most of the time, according to the veterinarians that The Dodo talked to.

Posted by Sunhapat Chusuwan on Thursday, 10 May 2018

After a while, the staff at the clinic made another discovery: Dex liked to cuddle in fleece blankets.

Posted by Sunhapat Chusuwan on Thursday, 10 May 2018

Dex’s journey along the road to recovery was slow. But the clinicians were overjoyed to see him make progress.

“After a week or so, he became relaxed enough to start wagging his tail. And after another week, he started enjoying chews, toys and interacting with other dogs,” Signe Corbin from the clinic told The Dodo.

Soon, the clinic decided to share Dex’s story on Facebook. He got his own hash tag (#dexupdate), so people could follow his progress every day. People made donations and sent blankets, ointments and toys to him — all to make the poor dog’s healing process easier. Aren’t animal lovers great?

Among those who who saw Dex on Facebook was Beth Legacki. She and her family had previously adopted dogs from Pug Rescue Action, and when she saw Dex, Beth started crying and immediately wanted to adopt him.

Posted by Beth Legacki on Friday, 27 April 2018

Today, Dex looks like this and finally has the loving home he deserves!

Posted by Sunhapat Chusuwan on Thursday, 10 May 2018

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