Dog found bound and gagged in a ditch in freezing conditions – fingerprints on tape leads to arrest

Animal abuse is something that sends chills down us animal lovers’ backs. Often it’s the pet owner against their animal or stray animals that are unfortunate enough to cross the path of the wrong person.

But in the case of Flick, he was a much loved dog who ran away one night and ended up enduring the most horrific abuse.

Thankfully the sweet pooch was picked up by a sheriff’s deputy in freezing cold conditions while he was still alive.

Now a man is in jail charged with felony animal abuse and armed criminal action.


Jefferson County Sheriff Department

Flick was found in a ditch by a Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputy.

The black and brown dachshund was bound with electrical duct tape, which he even had over his mouth.

Police believe he was then thrown out of a moving vehicle.

Malnourished and concussed

He had spent the night in the ditch where the temperature had dropped to the teens.

He was malnourished, and was suffering from a possible concussion.

Paul Garcia, 39, of Barnhart, is charged with felony animal abuse and armed criminal action.

Paul Garcia/ PHOTO: Fox News

Garcia threw the dog out of a car window and onto the side of the road in Missouri, police said.

Police believe he had been outside on the side of the road for 12 hours before the deputy found him, according to Fox Carolina.

Believed the dog was spying on him for police

Garcia told police he found the dog under his car and thought he had a camera attached to him, installed by police to spy on him.

Flick was taken to a local animal hospital where his condition improved.

His owner was tracked down. Kaitlynn Kofron proved she was Flick’s owner with medical records dating back to 2009.

The Courier

To do this to an animal is just heartbreaking.

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