Dog is found in trash: then an animal lover looks closer and realizes the heartbreaking truth

There’s been a deep freeze across Europe, and it’s affecting everybody — and perhaps especially Europe’s animals.

Some dog breeds can handle the cold better than others. Those with thick coats have no trouble coping with the bitter cold, but other breeds with less fur can’t handle it as easily.

And for dogs who don’t have homes, the cold can be deadly.

Unfortunately, every year countless dogs are abandoned by their owners for no good reason.

But the circumstances surrounding the abandonment of this poor are more shocking than anything I’ve seen in a long time.

The animal advocates from Birmingham Dogs Home were alerted about a dog in a nearby park.

The person who informed them was worried about the dog and when you see where it was found, you’ll understand why.


It’s unclear if someone put the dog inside the trash can, or if he just decided to rest there during the cold winter night — but either way, he needed help.

“Our hearts sunk when we saw it, his eyes peering out the top. It’s enough to make anyone’s heart break,” a spokesman for the rescue team told The Dodo.

Fortunately, the depressing moment was also the beginning of a new start for the poor dog.


Nobody knows for sure how the dog, who is thought to be about 18 months old, got there or how long he was homeless.

He didn’t have a microchip, so his original owner couldn’t be traced. But what is known, however, is that the dog’s future is much brighter now.


“He is getting all the love and attention that he needs whilst in our care,” a representative of Birmingham Dogs Home said. “He is now enjoying under-floor heating rather than a dust bin at a local park.”


It’s only been a few days since the dog was rescued from the tras, but his eyes are already sparkling.

In fact, he’s even enjoying running and playing in the cold winter landscape now that he’s surrounded by the warmth of love.

All dogs have the right to a good home. No dog deserves to be thrown on the street and forced seek shelter in a trash can. Share if you agree!