Dog is abandoned chained in the woods, then animal hero discovers the horrific

Few things upset me as much as seeing an innocent animal suffer. This is especially true because such things can almost always be avoided — if only all pet owners showed an ounce of heart.

It makes you wonder why some people even bother getting an animal in the first place…

Genesis, a German shepherd, was discovered chained in the woods, surrounded by trash. For 3 days she’d barked and waited for her owner to return, but they never came back.

After 3 days, the lonely and desperate dog was at last discovered.

Alex Kelly, who first arrived on site, found Genesis in the heap of junk — tied to a tree with a cable that was tightly twisted around the dog’s leg.

“Had it taken one more day, her blood circulation would have stopped and she would have lost her leg,” Alex told the DoDo.

He eventually managed to win Genesis’ trust and could remove the cable. It was clear that Genesis had a hard life even before she was abandoned.

“It is clear that she fed puppies and probably earned a lot of money to her owner, so this is thanks she gets,” writes Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter on Facebook.

What this beautiful German shepherd did to deserve this treatment, she'll never know. To be treated so cruelly, so…

Posted by Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter on Friday, 22 June 2018

Thanks to the animals, Genesis has now been able to return to life again. She is a bit shy but despite the terrible treatment she suffered, she has not lost her will for life or her love for people — as you can see in the clip below!

It’s never ever ok to treat an animal this way — thank goodness for people like Alex out there! I really hope that the person who left Genesis never, ever comes near an animal again!