Dog left dangling from a window on a short rope as ‘punishment’ for soiling the house

I never understood the point of punishing an animal by causing it pain. There are so many other training methods that can be used that doesn’t involve cruel or inhumane methods.

It’s a big responsibility having a dog and one that isn’t trained can be quite a handful but hopefully this has been taken into consideration before you give a pet a home.

For one pooch, she made the mistake of soiling in the house and was given a punishment so cruel animal rights volunteers had to get involved.

This cream-colored pooch was put outside for his actions, but this wasn’t enough for his owner as he then tied him to a window grille with a rope so short he was forced to stand on his hind legs.

Daily Mail/ YouTube

In disturbing video footage of the incident, which took place in Guangzhou, China, the dog is left dangling by his neck without food and water.

The upsetting footage released by video news site Pear shows the dog’s front legs caught up in the short rope and she tries, unsuccessfully, to lie down on the ground.

Animal rescuers rush to the scene

The dog continuously barks, crying out for help, in the hope that someone will rescue her. It’s unknown how long she was left in such pain.

Thankfully his distressing cries was heard by a neighbor who contacted a local animal rights group. Volunteers quickly arrived at the scene to help the sweet pooch.

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Daily Mail/ YouTube

The footage below shows the rescuer cutting the rope and giving the dog a drink of water which she laps up as if she hadn’t had a drink in a while.

One of the volunteers told reporters in China that the dog had not been treated well and had been deprived of food and water.

Argued with owner

When the volunteer was spotted by the owner’s dog he began arguing with them, saying the dog’s punishment was justified, according to The Daily Mail.

Eventually the volunteers persuaded the owner to let them take the dog to the vet to be checked over.

See the dog’s cruel treatment in the clip below; thank goodness for these animal rescuers.

Whoever called animal rescuers to help this dog deserves a medal. We should all call out animal abuse when we see it and do all we can to help pets in need.

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