Dog lost after fatal car accident is found 19 days later – camera captures tearjerking reunion

In a split second, an accident can change everything. A person’s life might perish, and a beloved pet might be lost.

For 21-year-old college student Samantha Orr, both happened.

While out on a drive with her mom, Jennifer, and their goldendoodle, Bentley, in the scenic a mountain in Pueblo, Colorado, tragedy suddenly struck.

Out of nowhere, mom, daughter and pet found themselves plunging down 600 feet off the side of the road amidst the mountains.

Jennifer’s life was lost in the devastating accident. Samantha luckily survived. As for Bentley… he was nowhere to be found.

It all began with a peaceful drive in the mountains in Colorado, USA.

But little could anyone have foreseen how dark that day would be. Tragedy struck and in a horrific accident, the three passengers suddenly found themselves plunging off the side of the road. Jennifer, 43, perished in the accident and Bentley was violently ejected from the window.

Samantha suffered injuries but survived. She was brought to hospital, where she eventually learned about her mother’s passing.

YouTube/Inside Edition

Finding Bentley

Her only hope was now to find Bentley.

After suffering such a terrible loss, it felt like her life depended on it. The sorrowful daughter refused to give up hope that he was alive somewhere, deep in the mountains.

As soon as she was well enough, she began her extensive search. She returned to the crash site and called after Bentley for days, to no avail.

Samantha decided to create a Facebook page, Bring Bentley Home, to seek help from the public. And help came swiftly! Complete strangers turned up to help Samantha with her search and try to bring the lost dog home.

For over two weeks, they looked for Bentley. Then 19 days after the accident, just when all hope seemed lost, one man came with amazing news.

After searching for hours, he had spotted the goldendoodle high up in the mountains, lonely, traumatized, and in bad shape.

But he was alive!

YouTube/Inside Edition

Watch the emotional, tear-jerking reunion between Bentley and Samantha in the video below.

I am so relieved that something positive came out of all the horror and Bentley and Samantha could be reunited! Share Samantha’s story if it moved your heart, too.