Dog Todd celebrated for his heroism – sacrificed himself to protect owner from wild animal

Paula Godwin was out with her beloved dogs Todd and Cooper on the morning of Friday, June 29th.

That’s when something dreadful occurred. A snake suddenly slithered onto the road… and Todd stepped in to save his owner from a potentially deadly bite.

Now he is being hailed a hero across social media channels, writes Buzzfeed.

Paula from Arizona, USA, enjoys frequently walking her dogs Todd and Cooper. She loves and cherishes her dogs with all her heart.

Posted by Paula Godwin on Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Todd, the hero of this story, is a sweet six-month-old golden retriever.

Posted by Paula Godwin on Sunday, 1 July 2018

“I love my dogs,” Paula told Buzzfeed.

Paula’s area is home to several wild animals, including rattlesnakes. And that is precisely what she and Todd encountered Friday morning.

As they were out on their walk, Todd suddenly caught sight of the deadly snake, which Paula had not yet noticed.

“It was a beautiful morning but as we were walking down the hill I literally almost stepped on a rattlesnake,” Paula wrote on Facebook.

Todd immediately got in between the snake and his owner. That’s when he was bitten.

Posted by Paula Godwin on Friday, 29 June 2018

“But my hero of a puppy Todd saved me. He jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have got bit. This is what a hero looks like. Please say a little prayer for my sweet hero,” she added.

Posted by Paula Godwin on Friday, 29 June 2018

Paula immediately picked Todd up after the attack and rushed him to hospital, reports Buzzfeed. They arrived within about ten minutes, allowing Todd to receive an antidote. They were there for 12 hours before the poor dog was able to go home.

So this morning was up bright and early to go on a hike on 7 th street carefree . It was a beautiful morning but as we…

Posted by Paula Godwin on Friday, 29 June 2018

These pictures of Todd are heartbreaking to look at, but thankfully, his injuries are healing well and he is expected to make a full recovery, reports Buzzfeed.

Paula now wants to warn other pet owners to pay close attention to the threat of rattlesnakes.

Posted by Paula Godwin on Friday, 29 June 2018

Meanwhile, Todd is being praised for his incredibly brave reaction, with people everywhere praising him with well-deserved compliments and positives wishes such as:

“Hope your puppy gets better soon.”

“You’re so brave, Todd!”


“What an angel you are, Todd!”

Todd’s doing so well he is a wonder to me how he is healing . Just a thank you to all the support Your kindness and support is truly a blessing ?❤️?

Posted by Paula Godwin on Sunday, 1 July 2018

In honor of her dog’s act of bravery, Paula created and posted this lovely video of her sweet pet.

Let’s continue to pay tribute to Todd — a true hero! Dogs truly are man’s best friend.