Dog trapped in hole for three days finally finds hope and cries tears of joy

A curious dog was enjoying a morning adventure through the dense woods of Vietnam completely alone and free to explore the mountainous terrain.

Unfortunately the brown-furred dog got distracted and fell down a man-sized hole. Desperately trying to climb back up, his efforts were futile as his paws dug into soft soil and he found himself in the same spot each time.

There was no chance of him escaping on his own and the poor pup started to panic.


The helpless dog continued to circle the hole that had imprisoned him as day turned to night. Finally he resorted to laying beside a large tree branch for shelter and some warmth should it rain.

Two days passed with no hope of being rescued, then on the third day the pup heard something in the distance — human voices.

He started to bark to alert the passers by to his situation; his barks got louder and louder when he realized they were humans and they were getting closer. Several faces looked down into the hole and a woman called out to him to reassure the frightened dog.

The relief that poor dog must have felt when he saw the woman climb down into the hole. At that point he knew he was safe and his tail started to wag frantically. He whimpered and cried tears of joy as she lifted him up.

She managed to lift him and squeeze through the tight space carrying the tired and hungry dog in her arms.

Watch this wonderful rescue in the video below. You can’t help but smile.

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