Husband takes photo of heavily pregnant wife – but look what appears to the right

In an age of posting pictures of everything we see and do, those ‘special occasion’ pictures can get lost among countless others.

But in the case of one particular couple from Florida, they not only caught an image of a special occasion but a surprise guest ensured this picture would be shared around the world.

While enjoying a stroll on a beautiful beach as the sun set, father-to-be Dan Mozer wanted to capture his heavily pregnant wife in the moment.

But what appeared in the image has been shared around the world. Nature photographers could easily spend their whole life trying to capture an image like this.

As a future father, Dan, from Jacksonville, Florida, wanted to capture his wife, heavily pregnant and looking radiant on a beautiful beach near their home.

Angeline, was expecting their first child at the time, a boy, and she was so close to her due date so Dan wanted to make sure he got plenty of pictures of her before the big day arrived.

The couple were taking a romantic stroll along Atlantic Beach when Dan proposed taking a picture just as the sun was setting.

© Flickr / JeffTurner

With a big smile and standing to the side to show off her glorious baby bump Angelina was only to happy to oblige.

The waves were crashing in behind her and it seemed the perfect shot until they both looked at the image.

Unexpected guest

In the background an unexpected guest decided to make an appearance too. The couple couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

A dolphin breaching in the background at the exact moment the image, shown below, was taken.

© Instagram / News4jax

Dan knew there were dolphins in the area, so it wasn’t a shock to see one but one jumping in the background was completely unexpected.

“When I took it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ Unfortunately, she totally missed it,” Dan told AWM.

Changing his name

Not long after the viral image was taken Aneglina gave birth to their son Courtland.

The way they see it, Dan says, Courtland was “summoning the dolphins” that day. “And, no,” he adds, “we’re not changing his name, as some have suggested, to Dolph Finn,” Dan told Yahoo News.

© Instagram / News4jax

And maybe the dolphins knew what was going on?

“The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I liked the first jump picture best,” Dan says. “How quickly I forget how magical a dolphin jumping out of the water is! Now I’m picking my favorite jump!”

What an amazing picture Dan has managed to capture. I’m sure when Courtland gets older he will appreciate that special image as much as we do.

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