Eagle scout and animal hero raises thousands to create much-needed comfort for unwanted dogs

For those of us who are huge animal lovers we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of stray dogs and cats that we’d love to give a home to.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of being able to take in a lot of unwanted and unloved animals.

Chance Call is one of those people. Ever since he was a little boy he’s had huge empathy for stray dogs and cats and wanted to help them all.

So, when he was presented with the task of running a project the 17-year-old immediately thought of one where he could help a lot of animals at the same time.

He came up with an ingenious idea that is taking the internet by storm.



Fox13 News

Chance has been involved with his town’s Eagle Scout program in Utah since 2015.

So when it was time to organize a project he voiced the need for one that helps animals.

He told Fox13 News that as a kid he would watch those ads asking people to adopt an unwanted animal from a shelter and would always wish he could help them all.

“What if I want to do that on a bigger scale and help the animals that can’t get adopted,” he said.

Chance knew from his animal shelter research that some rescue centers don’t have enough money to provide each animal with a bed so came up with an ingenious way to help — on a large scale.

Fox13 News

Chance discovered a way of making comfortable dog beds using PVC pipes and material. Using his Eagle Scout skills he managed to raise $3,500 — enough money to make 150 dog beds.

The hardworking animal lover put in more than 100 hours worth of work with help from his fellow Eagle Scouts to create the much-needed comfort for shelter animals.

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