Exhausted giant dog rescued from streets of LA – only to find incredible new home in the snow

When animal rescue organization Hope for Paws got a call about two abandoned dogs roaming the streets of LA they responded immediately.

What they found instead was one Newfoundland dog which was so hungry and exhausted it was struggling to move.

This huge black-colored dog was found slumped on the street and rescuers started feeding him. His friend left before they arrived.





Loreta Frankonyte, from Hope for Paws, carefully started offering him bits of the cheeseburger, which he cautiously took.

As she offered him the whole burger she slipped a leash over his neck and despite him backing up, he allowed her to put it on as she petted him and gave him more food.

The gentle giant was then helped into the back of the vehicle and taken to their headquarters to be pampered and fed some more.


They named him Everest and once back at their facility, they gave him a warm shower and a soap massage, which made him so happy he started drooling.

After he was clean and dry he collapsed in a big fur heap and fell asleep, exhausted from living so long on the streets.

Gentle giant

Everest had clearly been someone’s pet at some point as he was very relaxed around adults and kids. He was a gentle giant.

Organizers couldn’t believe it when two weeks later they received the perfect adoption application from an area of the U.S. much different to what he was used to.


Loreta and another volunteer had to take Everest on a 2.5 hour flight to get to his home in Oregon.

When he got off the plane, he experienced snow! He immediately loved it and started rolling around and even ate some of it.

His new owners introduced him to his furry brother and sister Bonnie and Clyde and Everest seemed instantly at home. He clearly knew that this was his final destination and was more than happy with it.


Find out what big plans his new owners had for Everest in the video below.

It’s the perfect ending to Everest’s story. He’s clearly so much happier in a colder climate and looks like he’s lived there all of his life.

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