Firefighters save lifeless dogs from house fire

A huge fire tore through a row home in Aarhus, Denmark, in the early morning hours. No people were injured in the fire, but firemen found six dogs in the house, one of which was barely alive.

The injured dog was declared dead at first, but the firemen refused to give up. They performed emergency first aid and gave the dog oxygen.They put the dog in warming blankets and administered fluids,” Johnny Damgård, Deputy Captain at East Jutland’s Fire Department reported to TV2 East Jutland.

The dog quickly woke up and appeared to recover well, but was taken to a veterinarian for further examination.

Two people living in nearby homes were evacuated because of the risk of the fire spreading.

Just after nine o’clock on Friday morning, the fire was under control but unfortunately, it had already spread to four houses, one of which was seriously damaged. The reason for the fire is not yet known.

Watch the rescue video below:

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