Fishermen spot something strange stuck on iceberg – look closer and realize the incredible

Labrador makes up one half of a province situated on Canada’s eastern coast. The climate is harsh and contact with the outside world is fairly minimal.

Humans and animals alike are forced to live off what nature can provide. Fishing is a thriving industry, as a result, and so many people spend their days out on the water.

When Alan Russell, Mallory Harrigan and their team were out crab fishing one day, close to Labrador, the duo ended up involved in something they would had never thought possible.

A half a mile from the coast, they spotted a large iceberg. It was carrying a most unexpected passenger…

Posted by Labrador Morning on Monday, 25 June 2018

It was just last week that Alan Russell and Mallory Harrigan were forced to agree they’d seen something very peculiar indeed. On an ice berg, half a mile from the coast, a small “grey thing” could be seen hunkered down and trying to fight off the cold.

“We thought it was a baby seal,” Harrigan told The Dodo.

But then they looked closer.

It turned out that the animal hitching a ride on the ice wasn’t exactly the sort you’d expect to find at sea.

In fact, it transpired that the “grey thing” was in fact an Arctic fox – one that was in real trouble.

Russell and Harrigan knew they couldn’t simply abandon their new furry friend to its grim fate. They had do act, and quickly.

Posted by Labrador Morning on Monday, 25 June 2018

They pulled their boat up alongside the iceberg, and lifted the fox to safety.

Of course, the animal didn’t understand, and so was naturally afraid.

“We were able to get him aboard even though he fought it,” Harrigan said. “We knew we were his only chance for survival, as the winds had changed and were driving all the ice farther out to sea.”

Posted by Alan Russell on Friday, 22 June 2018

While the fox, alone and stranded out on the icy seas, had every reason to give up hope, now he was handed an unlikely second chance.

Harrigan and the other fishermen on board were able to make a makeshift bed on their boat, giving food and rest to the exhausted fox so he could begin his recovery.

Posted by Labrador Morning on Monday, 25 June 2018

Once the crew was back in the harbor, they gave the fox some more food and then set him free to go on his way.

What an incredible story. Alan, Mallory and all the other people who helped in the fox’s rescue deserve praise!

They’re a classic example of what true animal heroes look like, and can be used to inspire others to act, no matter how small their efforts may seem.

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