Florida teenager hospitalized after being bitten by his own snake

In case you needed it, let the case of Austin Hatfield, Florida teenager, be a reminder not to handle venomous snakes.

Back in 2015, Hatfield was apparently quite fond of handling snakes, even posting photos of them to Facebook.

Gepostet von Austin Castaway Hatfield am Samstag, 7. März 2015

But that habit would really come around to bite him — literally.

Hatfield had apparently caught a four-foot water moccasin and was keeping it in his pillowcase as a pet, according to a statement given to Fox 13 News by a friend who had witnessed the attack.

Apparently, the attack occurred when Hatfield put the snake on his chest, then the snake lunged at him, biting him right on the mouth, causing his face to swell within seconds.

Photo courtesy of Fox 13 Tampa Bay

After several rounds of anti-venom treatments, Hatfield was on his way to recovery.

The snake, however, did not get off so lucky — it had to be euthanized so doctors could know precisely what kind of venom to treat, according to Fox 13.

Florida law strictly prohibits the handling, caging, and transportation of venomous reptiles without a license.

According to The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, they are not usually dangerous, but should still be avoided.

If you think anyone you know needs a reminder not to keep venomous snakes for pets, please share this!