Friendly cat makes sure nobody is alone while waiting for their bus

This cute fluffy cat insists on greeting all those that arrive at a bus stop in the U.K. – meet the very friendly Bus Cat!

Bus passengers say Bus Cat often grabs them with his fluffy paws to get their attention and then keeps them company until their bus arrives.

The Tuxedo cat lives near the bus stop and has got to know the neighbors very well.


No matter who you are he will come to you for pets and scratches and in return will ensure you’re not alone while you wait for your bus.


He often stands on his hind legs and stretches out his friendly paws to ensure he gets scratched in just the right spot! He then turns his back to make sure you don’t forget to pet his neck.


Bus Cat doesn’t mind taking selfies – he’s a very relaxed cat.

Spending time with people at the bus stop certainly seems to make him a very happy kitty.


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