Garbage man doesn’t know he’s being filmed by the dog’s owner, then the video reveals who he really is

Twice a week, this garbage collector visits Joshua Byrne’s street in the United States. And each time he comes, he’s met by his four-legged friend, Shelby.

Joshua saw how his dog reacted whenever the garbage collector came to their street, and decided to try to capture the moment on film.

The video shows just how happy Shelby the dog is as he runs to the man and gets a big pat on his back.

The video captures a beautiful moment between a dog and a real animal lover! Over 8 million people have already watched the clip – and you can see why.

Ever since Shelby become a part of Joshua’s family, he’s given them so much joy. The clip shows Joshua and the garbage collector chatting for a while afterwards – all because of Shelby. It really is these small, but beautiful, moments that make life complete!

Joshua also took the time to share an important life experience when he posted the video. “Who says good people are hard to find?” he writes under it.

I can only agree with him. Even though there can be a lot of bad in the world, we shouldn’t forget all the great people who are part of it, too.

Watch the heartwarming video, below:

Do you know a dog that loves to greet the garbage collector or mailman?  

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