Heartbroken dog can’t stop crying after realizing he’s been abandoned

Social media is exposing us to both good and bad. Often, we come across news that is difficult to take in and makes us lose hope in humanity.

Other times, like in this story, we are reminded that there is still hope in the world.

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs works hard at placing abandoned dogs with new families, so they are used to pets being brought in and left with them.

But one particular dog really tugged at their heartstrings. AJ, a 6-year-old pit bull and labrador retriever, was brought in to the shelter alongside his brother Toby after their owner realized he couldn’t afford to keep them anymore.

AJ was energetic, sweet and well mannered. The shelter soon put out a post about AJ and his brother, adding the painful words: “A FOSTER or Adopter would save their lives.”

But worse than facing potential death was the feeling of abandonment for AJ. The poor dog simply couldn’t understand what had happened and why he deserved to be abandoned.

Sweet AJ is beautiful and he has amazing energy and he was surrendered with his beautiful brother TOBY. They did great…

Posted by Saving Carson Shelter Dogs on Friday, 22 January 2016

Heart-shattering tears

To the shelter staff’s very own heartbreak, it soon became apparent that AJ was deeply crushed with his abandonment — so much so, that he couldn’t stop crying upon realizing what had happened.

The terrified and lonely dog sat caged and alone, shaking, tearful and completely heartbroken. Warning: the video below will break your heart. But keep reading — things do get better!

Internet reaches out

The video the shelter posted of AJ crying quickly gained traction online, pulling at the heartstrings of thousands, and dozens of well wishes soon came pouring in from complete strangers.

Among the well wishes were thankfully also wishes to rescue AJ — and at last AJ’s great breakthrough was near. A new loving forever home was found for the grieving doggo, as well as his brother Toby.

Watch AJ as he takes his first steps towards freedom in the video below. My, my, now that is one fate this adorable sweet puppy deserves!

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