Helpless dog dies slow, painful death after being buried alive by construction workers in India

Dogs are loyal and loving souls; most of us couldn’t imagine life without our faithful companions. That’s why when we hear about people committing cruel acts toward them, it stirs up very strong emotions.

This story is particularly cruel, for so many reasons, and was hard to write. But it’s important that we highlight such terrible acts, so that hopefully they can be prevented in the future.

It concerns a dog in India who was brutally killed by construction workers. They doused the poor pup in hot asphalt while it was asleep and left it to endure a long and agonizing death.


Dog in the street

Workers were resurfacing a street near UNESCO World Heritage site the Taj Mahal when they came across a dog sleeping. Instead of moving him out the way, they covered his hind paws and parts of his back in a hot layer of asphalt, according to the Hindustan Time.

If that wasn’t cruel enough, the construction workers then drove a road roller over the dog, crushing the defenceless animal.

According to the Metro, local resident Virendra Singh said: “The dog’s legs were buried under the tar and it was writhing in agony. The workers refused to break the road to remove it. The dog died after.”

The construction workers are said to have simply continued working without acknowledging what had happened.


Those who witnessed the terrible scene wanted to make sure the men responsible were held accountable for this barbaric act. According to the Metro, protesters stopped the men working and demanded answers from the boss.

He expressed his regret over the inhumane act and brought in a digger to remove the dog’s body. Police are now investigating the case.

It’s often difficult to grasp the disgusting acts people are capable of. Nevertheless, we would like to urge that if you see an animal in need, please contact the local animal welfare authority.

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