Hippo releases giant fart as he emerges from water

To watch a hippo in the wild or in the zoo they seem such slow creatures who would rather sleepily wallow in muddy water than exert themselves.

But don’t be fooled by their seemingly slow nature; as the third largest land animal in the world, they are considered one of the deadliest animals in Africa; they are surprisingly aggressive.

This hippo maybe deadly but he’s certainly not silent, as shown in the video below.

Families gather at their local zoo to watch the slow hippo emerge from the water. One visitor films it all, only to get the shock of her life when he stops out of the water.

It’s been described as the world’s biggest fart and has been viewed by millions.

See for yourself in the clip below, I guarantee you’ll be so surprised you’ll have to hit replay…

Photo: YouTube

When I think of a hippo, I think of those giant yawns they do, but did you know those “big yawns” are actually aggressive displays?

Another display that is common amongst hippos is marking their territory which seems to be the case with this hippo.

Either that, or he’s clearly not happy that a crowd of people are around him, watching his every move.

The video of this mammoth release of gas and the surprising noise that comes with it, was posted on YouTube. He has now been nicknamed “Harry the Farting Hippo”.

So far more than 30 million have watched the video, and some of the thousands of comments are just as funny as the video.

I have seen the video several times and I cannot stop laughing. See (and hear) for yourself in the clip below.

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