Horse’s owners worry about sound she makes during labor – now watch when she delivers her foal and a miracle occurs

Jenni Benson and her husband, Guy, own a horse called Daisy. When they found out that Daisy was pregnant, they were overjoyed. Then they waited several months for her little colt to see the light of the day.

When Daisy was a whole week overdue, the couple started to get nervous.

But then the big day came and the couple rushed to the stable, where Daisy gave birth to a little colt that they named Don Quixote.

Guy helped the baby horse stand up and the couple watched him take his first steps.

But then Daisy suddenly started acting strange and the couple made an amazing discovery.

The story would have been wonderful enough if it ended with Don Quixote taking his first steps. But then Guy and Jenni noticed a strange sound that made them both freeze up a little bit.

They thought something was wrong with Daisy. They looked closer and realized that this wasn’t normal.

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They really knew Daisy, who was behaving like she was still in labor.

Jenni and Guy were excited and above all surprised. They had no idea they would have two foals to love on the farm!

Guy pulled out the other fool and Jenni caught it in her arms. Their hearts stopped for a moment — they worried if the second foal would survive or not.

But now they also understood why don Quixote was so small. Daisy carried two foals inside her without anyone knowing about it!

Image Source: YouTube

Daisy’s other little foal was a beautiful little fighter. When Jenni and Guy realized that she was breathing and was going to make it, they were overjoyed and called her Duet.

After a few minutes, Duet stood up and immediately went to her mom to nurse.

Twin births are very rare for horses and only occur once per 10,000 births. Mares aren’t meant to carry more than one foal at a time, and the chance that both twins and their mom survive is tiny. Perhaps it’s as rare as one in the million. So it seems that this little family was quite lucky!

Watch this amazing video to see these little creatures take their first steps in life. This is just so cute and, at the same, so amazing!

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