Huge gorilla suddenly steps out into the road – causes filmmakers to freeze at incredible sight

When filmmaker Gordon Buchanan traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to film for the BBC, he was ready to marvel at the country’s awe-inspiring wildlife and film it all for an exciting new series.

But he hadn’t anticipated the rare and fascinated encounter that his camera was about to capture.

Gordon and his team had set up cameras in the jungle. Soon, however, they got a look at something very special. A huge silverback gorilla appeared out of the bushes and the cameraman became quite nervous. Seconds later, he witnessed a scene that would be forever etched in his memory.

Gordon and his crew were filming the gorillas for a BBC series at Kahuzi-Biega National Park. The silverback is the largest of the great apes and can weigh up to 500lbs so it’s not advisable to get in the way of these amazing creatures.

The filmmaker and his crew froze at the sight that had just appeared before them. It took a while before the cameramen understood what the gorilla was trying to do.

Gordon and his team got closer to the gorilla and set up their cameras against the road. Suddenly, the intentions of the gorilla become clear, and with cameras rolling the team capture an amazing sight.

Instead of letting the cameras come closer, the gorilla made a bold move!

The giant silverback went out on the road and stopped the traffic. He didn’t care that a big truck was coming toward him. The huge creature stood in front of the traffic to force it to come to a halt before he signaled to his big and beautiful family to cross the road.

Gordon then realized why the gorilla had been so guarded – he only wanted to protect his family.

He risked his own life standing in front of the traffic but all he cared about was getting his family across the road safely.

Gorillas are very protective when it comes to their youngsters. In fact, human behavior toward them over the centuries explains why gorillas can be aggressive when their family is present, according to Gorilla Highlands.

The website reads: “Mothers are highly protective of their young; many have died trying to protect their offspring against poachers. Children learn so much from their mother and other troop members that it is very difficult to re-introduce young rescued gorillas into the wild.”

Watch this amazing scene in the video below.

Fortunately, this family could cross the road safely and Gordon could capture the amazing moment on film. It’s further proof of what amazing animals gorillas are?

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