It looks like a dog playing in the snow, but you’re wrong – look again when the animal turns around!

I think we’ve all been fooled sometime by our eyes; believing we’re seeing something that’s actually something else.

When that does happen, you’ll usually find out shortly later and may feel silly before you can laugh about it. That’s how I felt when I first saw this picture, which is now spreading around the world after it was first shared in Asia.

It’s definitely a dog, right? Or is it…

The first thing I thought of when I first saw the picture was that it must look something like this from the front.

Photo: Wikimedia commons

A gorgeous Japanese shiba inu dog!

And I was not alone with that assumption. But, like so many others, I was completely wrong.

Rather than a lovely dog, it’s in fact a cat!

Photo: Twitter

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m especially in love with its enchanting eyes!

Photo: Twitter

The cat is a British shorthair, the owner explains on Twitter, writes The Dodo. But still, its fur sure does look like a shiba’s, doesn’t it?

Share the photo with your friends and see if they can guess what it is just by looking at its back!