Justice for a teen who committed horrific animal abuse against a cat

Those people that abuse defenseless animals are so despicable; they’re actions shock us all as we try and comprehend why someone would do such a thing.

One teen who forced a cat to endure such horrific suffering is now spending his days behind bars; a stark warning to anyone else who is found guilty of animal abuse.



Leon Teague taunted a cat and then waited patiently for it to get closer before throwing boiling water over it.

He recorded himself doing it and posted it on Facebook. The horrific video caught the attention of animal rights activists who sent the video to local authorities in Chicago.

Animal cruelty

The culprit was identified as Leon Teague who was charged with felony animal torture and a count of misdemeanor animal cruelty for pouring boiling water on a cat and then posting the video on social media.

The 18-year-old was sentenced to three years in jail.

cat and boiling water

The cat,  named Driver, was taken in by Edgewater’s Felines & Canines Shelter where he was given laser treatments and surgeries.

Vets were unsure as to whether Driver’s fur would grow back.

‘Maybe this will set a precedent’

Heather Weidmann, the founder of Whiskers and Tails Rescue Foundation who helped catch Driver, said: “I’ll never forget [the cat’s] screams.”

“You couldn’t touch him, and those screams are permanently implanted in my head. This [3-year-sentence] was a big step for Cook County. It was a step for the animals because most cases get thrown out. Maybe this will set a precedent not to do that,” she said, according to dna info.

cat and boiling water

Thankfully Driver did recover and has found a forever home with a loving family.

“He has no ill feelings toward humans at all. He still loves humans; he loves dogs. He’s just amazing,” Heather added.

The video below shows this awful animal abuse. Viewers might find scenes in this video upsetting.

I will never understand the lengths that people go to to hurt animals. Such a despicable crime and I’m glad justice was served.

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