Kind woman visits animal shelter and takes home 26-year-old cat

Every single day, there are animals waiting in shelters to find their forever homes. Some will get lucky while others never will.

Puppies and younger animals are often the first to find homes, while older animals, especially those with health problems, will spend the final days of their lives in a shelter.

Laura Cassiday is an animal lover, animal rescue worker, and volunteer with The Feline Rescue Association and the Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

She recently opened her home to Thomas, a 26-year-old cat that was surrendered to the Baltimore County Animal Shelter. It was said that he was suffering from a few “senior health issues”.

“Pretty much when I saw ’26’ I knew there was no way I was leaving him there,” Laura told Fox News. “I coordinated with AARF [Animal Allies Rescue Foundation] and picked him up on Thursday.”

senior cat
Source: Facebook/Thomas the Senior Cat

A second chance

Even though he has some health issues, Laura refused to let Thomas spend his final days in a shelter — she wanted him to have a comfortable home.

The shelter stated that Thomas suffers from “severe dental disease, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, and an abnormal liver.” A veterinarian also found a mass that could possibly be a tumor. “We honestly have no idea how much longer he even has,” said Laura. However, he’s “otherwise in fairly decent shape for an old man.”

Thomas went on his freedom ride from the shelter yesterday. He was a little unsure about what was happening to him.

Posted by The Adventures of Thomas the 26-year-old Cat on Friday, 30 March 2018

Laura is well aware that without her kindness, a senior cat like Thomas has little chance to find a home.

“Pretty much every day at work I hear, ‘Where are the puppies, kittens?’” she said. The older animals, who generally have medical problems, are passed by “in favor of cuter, younger ones.”

This wasn’t just a problem for Thomas — there are many more animals like him in shelters. Laura hopes that by sharing his story, more people will be inspired to consider adopting an older pet or an animal that isn’t a cute, bouncy puppy or kitten.

“The shy ones, the old ones, the ones that hide in the back of their cages, the ones that just don’t stand out,” Cassiday says, are “the ones that need you the most and have just as much love to give as any other pet.”

senior cat
Credit: Facebook/Laura Cassiday

Settling in

Like any animal, Thomas took a little bit of time adjusting to his new surroundings. But, thanks to Laura’s patience and kindness, he’s settling in and enjoying his new home.

“I’m getting more comfortable in my new home. I love to eat and I purr all the time. It sure is tough to adjust to a new home after 26 years but I’m doing a good job with the help of my new mom,” a Facebook post reads.

Lots of patience and slow blinking got Thomas boy out from behind the toilet. He even leaned in for some pets! Back to giving him his space and letting him decompress now.

Posted by Laura Cassiday on Thursday, 29 March 2018

In order to share Thomas’ story and help other pets that are in his same situation, Laura is chronicling their adventure on Thomas’ Facebook page, The Adventures of Thomas the 26-Year-Old Cat.

She recently shared a video of Thomas and his progress:

Thanks to Laura’s kindness, Thomas has a warm, safe home to spend the rest of his life. Please share if you think all animals deserve a loving family!