Kitty left heartbroken after dog brother dies, then finds something that brings him back

It’s not often you see a cat and a dog living in perfect harmony under the same roof. In the case of Zeus the cat and Sam the dog this was a reality.

Sam was not only a faithful friend to his owners but also showed so much patience toward his fellow cat. When this sweet dog passed away little did Zeus and Sam’s owners know just how much he was missed by Zeus.

A video has been posted online of Zeus discovering something that used to belong to Sam and the reaction shows how strong Zeus’s love was for his old canine companion. It’s a joyful response but a reminder that cats don’t always enjoy the independent life.

I love seeing a dog and a cat get along and this pair’s relationship was the perfect example.A special bond formed between Zeus and Sam and each one expressed their love for each other in different ways.

“Zeus always tried to cuddle with Sam and play with him, but Sam was always uninterested,” Emma Catanzarite, the pair’s owner, told The Dodo. “Zeus loved to tease him all the time.”

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Mostly, though, Zeus just wanted to be close and in trying to lie on top of Sam’s warm, furry body, Sam expressed his love for Zeus by tolerating him.

Sadly, though, two months ago, Sam died — and Zeus was heartbroken.

“Zeus seemed really lonely after Sam passed away,” Emma said. “He followed my mom around a lot more during the day and he meowed a lot after he died like he was looking for him. The day Sam died, we had him wrapped in a blanket and my mom came in the room to find Zeus sleeping on top of him, like he finally got the chance to cuddle with him.”

In looking for her doggy companion Zeus discovered something that helped him to reconnect with his faithful friend.

Since Sam’s death, Emma’s brother had kept his old collar on a bookshelf in his room. The other day, Zeus found it and he immediately sat next to it.

“I saw Zeus sniffing by the bookshelf and then he jumped up and sat right by the collar,” Emma said. “It made me so sad seeing how happy he was to find it and finally smell Sam again.”

The video clip below shows Zeus wanted to do more than just sit near the collar. Here is playing with it in an adorable interaction.

This loving cat must have missed the scent of her faithful friend so much. This is so heartbreaking.

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