Lonely widow finds happiness again – when the neighbor’s giant dog starts to visit her every day

When Sally Rewehooer, from Mount Vernon, Washington, lost her husband in 1990, her life became very lonely.

Her family are scattered all over the U.S. and most of her days were spent alone, that was until a new friend came into her life.

This story is such a sweet example of how you can find happiness at any point in your life.


Sally Rewehooeern had lived alone for many years since her husband passed away.

Although she was visited by her relatives as often as they could, she still spent many days never seeing a single soul.

Sally tried her best to keep herself busy but then everything changed when the neighbor got a new puppy called Brody.

Visited Sally every day


This gentle giant of a Saint Bernard dog just found his way next door to Sally’s house every day to see her.

It was if he knew that Sally needed the company.

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I need a hug ?

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It wasn’t long before Brody visited Sally several times a day to keep her company and a special bond soon formed.

“It’s lovely for me to have Brody come and join me whenever I’m gardening, walking to church and he even tries to get in the car with me,” Sally told The epoch times.

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See ya later Lulu???

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This sweet lady found a happiness I’m sure she never thought she’d feel again, thanks to this beautiful big dog.

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