Maddison the dog is dumped by her long-term family – for being too old

Owners grow tired of dogs for so many different reasons. It’s a sad fact that almost 4 million dogs enter the nation’s animal shelters each year.

It’s some comfort to know they are at least left in a warm shelter where they are fed rather than abandoned on the street, but their life expectancy in a shelter is pretty short.

For one dog called Maddison, she was dumped at a Los Angeles Animal Services facility — because she was too old.



Maddison was 17 years old when she was left at the Lancaster facility. She is just one of hundreds of dogs who are found on the street or abandoned, confined to a locked cell with the hopes of finding a new home.

The following information was provided by the senior dog’s former owners:

“My former family who owned me for “more than 5 years” (could be her entire life) gave me up because they thought I had gotten too old.

They said that I spend most of my time indoors. I do not show interest in small children. I have begun housetraining, but I still need some work. I am good on a leash.

I am just learning obedience skills I seem to get along well with dogs and cats.”

New home

Few dogs make it to 17 but those who do should be treated to a calm and loving environment in their old age, not a noisy animal shelter with strangers.

A post about Maddison and her story went viral and within a few days a new home had been found for her.

Her new owner will ensure she gets the love and support she deserves in her golden years.


Dumped for being too old! Some owners don’t deserve the love and loyalty of an animal. Maddison is so much better off with her new owner.

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